Hi Guys!

Sorry for the delay in getting out my next episode. I am on the road in Nashville, TN with my husband who is working as a Catastrophic Adjuster. I was able to meet up with Sean Malone, Founder and Director of Crisis Response International, a disaster response group that goes all over the world to help those who have been affected by trauma. Listen as we discuss the founding of CRI and I get to talk to some of the volunteers and hear their stories. As always, I end with a bit of American History. 

Go to my website, www.straighttalkwithmj.net to see pictures and videos of the catastrophic damage that happened in Nashville and Cookeville, TN from the F3 and F4 tornadoes. Please keep them in your prayers as it will be a long road to recovery for many, many families. 

Thanks for listening!

God Bless!


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